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The frappé (milkshake)

There is a precise point of creaminess when the surface breaks, it cracks under the weight of sugary syrup that dominates the mass of smoothie milk. Is the italian frappé usually known as milkshake. Light, summery, fresh and delicate. You could also use hundred adjectives without being able to convey the true feeling that the milkshake gives not only the palate.

At the Ducal Park's Kiosk of Parma the milkshake is prepared again as long time ago. Milk, ice, a scoop or two of ice cream and cherries Fabbri (most famous quality in the world), only the best and the most delicious of all. The real secret of the frappé is the focus in being able to add as many ingredients and know how to reach that creaminess almost unnatural. This density that the cherries are unable to sink.

Obvious you can enjoy the smoothies in other flavors such as chocolate and mint, one of most popular.

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The ice cream

Few ingredients, mixing and especially careful that glance in the know stir at the right point, so that it remains soft without the flavor suffer. The ice cream at the Kiosk of Parco Ducale in Parma is still made in that way, with fresh milk, eggs and herbs needed to get the various flavors. The menu of the ice cream is in fact not so infinite as you can find it elsewhere.

For the basic tastes for summer cups, chocolate, milk flavor, cream and hazelnut, are accompanied by fruit flavors. All prepared in the same way.

How to get the taste to heaven? Everyone has to find their own answers. Just maybe a cup of fresh strawberries served in a basket of crispy wafer, topped with a nice dollop of whipped cream at the moment. Or the most sophisticated can taste the rich Cup Garden, full of fresh fruit with a touch of liquor. For lovers of the classics there are plenty of drowned and the spanish ice cream.

For those who want something more daring there is Barbara Cup with ice creams, chocolate drops and Vov liquor (with eggs). In short, a way to enjoy an ice cream is always good.


The granita

Simply the best way to enjoy a refreshing drink. The granita was born at the beginning of the twentieth century when scratched the blocks that were kept in icehouse. Ducal Park's Kiosk in Parma has always been well prepared, breaking the ribs of ice with the awl and then passing the scraper to fullfill the glass, which was then garnished with fruit syrup or Fabbri cherries and their traditional “gravy”.

Scraper that was perfected over the years so that he began to be called “grattachecca”. Even today the Kiosk is preparing ice with grattachecca, although in a more modern way by electricity. The crushed ice is so more irregular, rough and hard on the palate but ready to infuse that chill at the first bite.

If the oldest versions of the granita were lemon and tamarind, modernity has brought many other flavors such as papaya or cola. The most popular are always mint and lemon, the most refreshing and delicious. For the sweet tooth there is always the cherry version, but full of soft sweet red fruits ready to bite.



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granita made ​​with the "grattachecca" grater with which to make the rough ice for important sensations

of freshness on the palate

the milkshakes prepared as long time ago, no preservatives or additives of any kind. Only milk, ice and ... the sweetest Fabbri cherries

ice cream made ​​with milk, eggs and creaming a clever way to make it creamy. Whipped cream instantly and a few other additions
 and the game is done, for an ice cream to taste seated all the way in relaxing the ducal park

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