Our position in Ducal Park

The Public Garden has six different gates:


      Giuseppe Verdi bridge (main gate)

      Farnese street

      John Fitzgerald Kennedy avenue

      Santa Croce circus

      Pasini road

      Piacenza avenue


Taking the main entrance Kiosk of Parco Ducale just walk down to the main boulevard leading to the pond, after about 400 meters (around 1200 feet) you can find it on the left.

So must those who enter by  arnese street, in front of the facade of the Palazzo Ducale, in order to find the pedestrian boulevard ahead on the left.

Who enters by Santa Croce circus must get to the fountain of Trianon in order to take the main pedestrian avenue. The bar awaits you on the right about 500 meters (around 1500 feet).

The nearest entrance to the bar is in John Fitzgerald Kennedy avenue (Faculty of Economics at the University of Parma), so that a hundred meters (around 300 feet) from the gate you can see the Kiosk nestled among the trees, right in front of yourself.

The most hidden gate is in Piacenza avenue, on the back of the Star Hotel Du Parc. Once past the Theater of Crumbs (Teatro delle Briciole, ancient public baths) you can cut through the walkways until you reach the promenade, in front of you at hundred yards approximately. The Kiosk awaits you on the other side of the main promenade.


To get the situation under control just look at the map shown here. The Kiosk is right in the middle of the Parco Ducale, halfway between the Etoilé in the main entrance and the pond.


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photo Franco Furoncoli

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