A party at the Ducal Park

Taking a coffee or a light lunch in the heart of the Public Garden is like to have a real break with ordinary life of everyday. Hectic life stand still out there of the gates and the antiques walls. Inside you can feel tranquility only, the essence of the nature and the human body. A way to regenerate itself. The moment to go back to work comes every time too quickly

     (Silvio Marvisi)


The Public Garden of the Palazzo Ducale (also called the Parco Ducale-Ducal Park of Parma) is a perfect setting for a meeting or party of any kind. The staff at the bar is ready to arrange a special moment, customizing every aspect of the reception.

The proximity to the Faculty of Law, Humanities, Mathematics and Economics of the University of Parma make it a strategic point for a graduation party to be consumed freely. The spectacular setting within the park allows you to indulge in taking pictures so that the celebration for the Degree truly become a day to remember.


No problem for receptions from five to one hundred people who can find a place to sit under the trees in the Parco Ducale, very close to the main street of the city center as Massimo d'Azeglio road,  Mazzini avenue or Santa Croce circus. For occasions even more important just to get in touch with the organizers in order to find a satisfactory solution.


All these points make it the Ducal Park bar perfect for a wedding reception, an important drink with friends and a thousand other possibilities. Any excuse to take a break in the Public Garden is good.


To decide which sparkling wine or champagne serve to friends, to understand what kind of buffet you can offer, just contact the organizers of the Ducal Park's Kiosk bar that will be able to offer a solution to any request.


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